What’s Included

Milking & Animal Feeding

– modified to comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements

Milking time is 4pm to 5.30pm each day. You’re welcome to come and watch the cows being milked and help feed the animals.   Be at the dairy at 4pm as we do the milking demonstration at the start of each milking & then we feed the calves, pigs, and goats, collect the eggs (bring your egg basket!) and enjoy a gator ride.   The animals are also fed at 7.00am after morning milking. Come along to this feeding to get a feel for early mornings on the farm! The chooks like fruit & veggie scraps, so feel free to give any you have to them – it’s a great example of recycling!

Rainforest & Farm Walks

There is a rainforest walk that starts below Marara Cottage at the Gazebo – follow the track below the water tank & when you get to the rainforest walk sign follow the track & then the yellow & pink markers.   The full walk is approximately 2 kilometres & takes about 90 minutes at an easy pace to take in the sights.   The track is fairly level with some steeper sections, there are seats at various spots along the way to rest & it finishes at the big gum tree on the driveway.   The short loop is 500m or you can walk to the first bridge & come back the same way There are walks you can take around the farm including a steep walk to Lake Baroon.   There are maps of Farm walks available.

Led Pony rides

Pony Rides are included in your stay should you choose. You will be notified upon arrival of the day and time for your family’s pony ride. Please bring along your child’s bicycle helmet if you have one.