What’s Included

Farm Activities

– modified to comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements

We invite our guests to come and experience a range of farm activities daily at 7am and 4pm.


Guests can collect eggs, have a tour of the dairy, feed our goats and pigs and help us to bottle feed our calves.  If you have any scraps you can save these and feed them to our chickens.


We also offer short rides in our gator which is a six wheeler farm vehicle.

Rainforest & Farm Walks

We have several walks available during your stay at the farm. A beautiful rainforest walk is located close by to the cottages in addition to several farm walks offering fantastic views. Ask for more information and maps at reception when you check-in.


Led Pony rides

Pony Rides are included in your stay should you choose. You will be notified upon arrival of the day and time for your family’s pony ride. Please bring along your child’s bicycle helmet if you have one.